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We're on a mission to become the go-to resource for helping young people to grow into empathetic global citizens.

Engaging TV for kids can shape an entire generation. For younger children, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and The Electric Company have been transformative. But what about tweens and teens?

Smart storytelling sparks conversation, feeds curiosity, and encourages young people to change their world for the better, but just as children become tweens and teens they’re offered a nutrition-free diet of cartoons, teen comedies and dramas. What are teachers, parents and caregivers to do?

EXPLR will change this with engaging and diverse content that addresses the serious need for quality, standards-aligned educational video.


Our Approach

EXPLR Media runs two video, curriculum, and professional development services for grade 5-12 students, educators, and families: EXPLR Home & EXPLR Classroom.

EXPLR Home is a subscription-based, ad-free streaming service for tweens, teens, and their families delivering high-quality programming that is both educational and entertaining. Home is designed for self-directed learning and/or family co-viewing.

EXPLR Classroom streamlines in-class, remote, and distance learning with a single platform for classroom video, lesson plans, and professional development so that teachers can focus on helping students catch up, get ahead,

and accelerate their learning.


Both Home & Classroom focus on diverse, global perspectives and personal narrative to cultivate empathy and intercultural competency. Both services include videos from some of the most trusted and awarded brands in educational media. 

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